GUP®-based thermoplastics: marrying performance with ecological responsibility

Graphene integration proves transformative, contributing significant strides toward sustainability and enhanced recyclability. Graphene, renowned for its unparalleled strength and conductive prowess, imbues thermoplastic materials with improved mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, fostering the creation of durable products with extended life spans. This durability leads to decreased waste generation, a major boost for sustainability. Furthermore, incorporating GUP® into thermoplastics improves their processability, making them easier to shape, reform, and recycle. GUP®-enriched thermoplastics can withstand multiple recycling processes without degrading, a rare feat in the plastics industry. Therefore, through its superior material properties and recyclability enhancement, graphene champions a sustainable thermoplastic future, creating environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions that align with corporate commitments to responsible manufacturing and circular economies. As our company spearheads graphene production, we pave the way for a resilient, resource-efficient future where sustainability and industrial progress converge.



MASTERGUP® PA is an additive masterbatch based on few-layer graphene GUP® specifically designed to provide superior mechanical properties with a low dosage. It has a concentration of 0.5 wt% of graphene GUP® and is compatible with PA6, PA 6.6, PA11, and PA12.

MASTERGUP® PE is an additive masterbatch based on few-layer graphene GUP® specifically designed to provide superior mechanical properties with a low dosage. It has a concentration of 0.5 wt% of graphene GUP® and is compatible with LLDPE, LDPE, PE, and HDPE.

MASTERGUP® PP is an additive masterbatch based on few-layer graphene GUP® specifically designed to provide superior mechanical properties with a low dosage. It has a concentration of 0.5 wt% of graphene GUP® and is compatible with PP and PPH.

Main Advantages of Graphene GUP® Products for Thermoplastics

Enhanced Strength

GUP® integration contributes to remarkable strength in thermoplastics, making them harder and more durable


Barrier Properties

GUP® enhances the barrier properties of against gases and liquids, improving packaging applications and ensuring longer product shelf life

Higher Heat Deflection Temperature

GUP®-increases the resistance to distortion at high temperature, reducing material warping under temperature changes

Thermal Conductivity

graphene-based thermoplastics demonstrate improved heat conductivity, providing advantages in applications where heat dissipation is critical

Electrical Conductivity

GUP®’s superior electrical conductivity can turn insulating thermoplastics into conductive materials, expanding their potential applications



Chemical Resistance

incorporation of graphene enhances chemical resistance in thermoplastics, offering protection in harsh environments or against aggressive substances


Improved Elasticity

graphene can boost the elasticity of thermoplastics, making them more flexible and resistant to deformation

Lightweight Materials

the high strength-to-weight ratio of GUP® allows for lighter and stronger thermoplastics, contributing to material efficiency and environmental sustainability

UV Resistance

GUP®’s properties allow for greater UV protection in thermoplastics, preserving their integrity when exposed to sunlight

Increased Toughness

incorporation of GUP® into thermoplastics can greatly enhance toughness, making the materials more resistant to physical stress and impact


due to the enhanced strength and durability, less plastic is required and less waste produced. The enhanced durability and lifespan, promote a more circular economy

Flame Retardancy

graphene can enhance the flame-retardant properties of thermoplastics, reducing the combustibility of materials and improving safety

Main Applications


Fabric Yarns


3D Filaments




Fishing Nets

Consumer Goods



GUP®: A Solution to Sustainable Thermoplastics

The sustainable aspects of graphene, such as its high strength-to-weight ratio and potential recyclability, make it an attractive candidate for sustainable thermoplastic applications. Harnessing graphene’s potential in thermoplastics can contribute to the development of eco-friendly and durable materials, supporting the goal of sustainable manufacturing and reducing environmental impact.


GUP®s high strength and conductivity make it a value-add in thermoplastic manufacturing. Its incorporation can reduce the quantity of thermoplastic material required for a given application, effectively minimizing resource consumption and lessening the environmental footprint associated with the production and disposal of these materials.


GUP® reinforcement enhances the durability and longevity of thermoplastics. This means the products last longer, reducing the need for replacements and thus lowering the rate of resource extraction, processing, and waste generation. The knock-on effect is a substantial reduction in the overall environmental impact.



GUP®, an exceptional conductor of heat, improves the thermal properties of thermoplastics. It allows for faster, more even heating, reducing energy use in manufacturing processes such as molding and extrusion. Additionally, in end-use applications where thermal management is critical, graphene-enhanced thermoplastics can lead to energy savings.


GUP®-enhanced thermoplastics maintain their recyclability, which aligns with the principles of a circular economy. The prospect of recycling these materials reduces waste disposal and the demand for new raw materials. In addition, the potential for graphene to be recovered and reused from these composites further amplifies this sustainability advantage.



Do you have a unique challenge to solve?

We also specialize in producing tailored GUP®-based thermoplastic masterbatches designed to meet specific customer requirements.

In addition, we offer bespoke GUP®-based additives, empowering companies to produce their proprietary masterbatches in-house, fostering innovation and self-sufficiency in applying graphene-enhanced products.