About Us

GrapheneUP® is a private and independent leading graphene company based in Czech Republic, focusing on bulk production of few-layer graphene and the development and commercialization of graphene-based additives, dispersions, masterbatches.

Thanks to our innovative proprietary production process of graphene, we have the possibility to scale-up the production process of few-layer graphene to several tons/month and we are rapidly approaching the commercialization stage of different graphene-based products, few of them already available in the market.

Our graphene-based intermediary products are available for global industry to create new innovative graphene-based product or to enhance properties and performance of products that are already in the market. We actively partner with our customers by tailor-making graphene-based products to their desired end-use specifications

What Makes
Us Different

Real Few-Layer

  • 2-5 layers
  • low oxygen content (C:O > 98) / low defects
  • verified by third parties


  • largest production capacity in Europe
  • proprietary of the fastest and scalable production method
  • Innovative one-step non-oxidative exfoliation method
  • batch to batch consistency
High Quality
  • effective and efficient transfer of graphene properties to host materials
  • smart supply chain management
  • enhanced product development

Real Market

  • high performing graphene-based products introduced into the market already
  • early commercial engagements resulting in customer product launches


  • graphene-based masterbatches, additives and dispersions ready to be used by customers


  • over 300 NDA signed
  • with regular profit from the first year
  • customers in more than 20 countries


Layers of our graphene GUP®

Tons/year our production capability

Graphene intermediary products developed

Countries where
we shipped our products

NDA signed

Batch of graphene produced

New products under development with graphene

Applications of graphene tested


CEO’s Message

Although graphene no longer needs any further evidence for its importance in terms of its astonishing properties, to create successful products and applications with graphene it is necessary to be able to produce high quality graphene, to produce it in bulk quantities and to have the knowledge how to disperse it in proper way in the different host materials. If these parameters are not fulfilled, even though graphene presents outstanding performance, becomes limited to highly specialized applications.

Our proprietary production process, different from standard methods of production and based on a non oxidative direct exfoliation process, allows us to produce real few-layer graphene in bulk quantities.

At GrapheneUP we strongly believe that this new way to produce graphene can dramatically and reliably outperforms existing technologies at a reasonable cost and contribute to speed up the development of new graphene-based products into the market.
The potential of GUP® Products to change the course of countless industries is limited only by lack of imagination.

With GUP® Products, together with our customers and partners, we’re taking big efforts to tackle an important challenge: shifting towards a circular economy.

Ivano Aglietto
CEO GrapheneUP®


We’re uniquely positioned for the challenge of the large bulk production of few-layer graphene. GrapheneUP® is committed to produce bulk quantities of graphene and developing graphene-based innovative products and technologies to redefine products, reinvent categories, and most important improve people’s lives.

Our mission is to be the key specialized partner for industrial companies that want to take advantage of the unique properties of graphene and to introduce into the market new products with graphene. We strongly believe that the future of graphene is to use its amazing properties to create higher value products and materials with enhanced characteristics that can open new markets of applications to these materials.

We keep researching and developing new graphene grades and additives in order to meet the increasing demand of these materials for multiple applications and industries. Tailor-made intermediary products are also offered upon demand.


Respect for the environment is not only a basic moral value but also a strategic factor in the competitiveness and sustainability of our business model.

To be as green as possible

Our production process of graphene is environmental friendly with a low carbon footprint.

Graphene helps environment

We have already developed graphene-based products for environmental remediation.

A better quality of life

To promote the use of graphene for a safer and better quality of life.

Safety first

We take responsibility for our own safety and for those around us.


We encourage a culture of creativity that fuels new ideas and innovations.

Quality Management System

Our commitment to supply products and services of the highest quality extends to ensuring that they fully comply with all relevant international standards. We are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

R&D is the Lifeblood
of Our System

Research and development is one of the main drivers of the activities performed by our company and it is motivated by the demands of the commercial market. Innovation is essential to maintain leadership over emerging competition in all the existing markets and to pursue new business opportunities in existing and new markets.

Our team emphasizes real-world solutions that can fit into your manufacturing process and are cost-effective, while adding unique new capabilities to your products.

We welcome innovative development partners with targeted application needs. Contact us today and let’s jointly realize the possibilities.

The final scope of the research conducted by the R&D division is to strengthen the standing of innovative applications of graphene and to identify and develop innovative opportunities for the company to create shareholder value.

Granted Projects


Our Team is focused on several graphene enhanced applications and we are available to work with your company to integrate GUP® and our intermediary products in your existing products or applications or to develop together new ones.

We offers all our skill and expertise to work together and we provide a fully scalable approach to product development helping the industrial partner to commercialize a graphene-based product in short time, gaining the competitive edge you need. When partnerships are formed, parties’ interests are aligned.

Depending on your application and its potential in the markeplace,
GrapheneUP® can help you select or even customize a GUP® Product to
make your idea work, or work better.

Researchers continue to discover new ways to use GUP® Products in
cutting-edge research, breaking ground for future scientific innovation
and leading to potentially thousands more patents to come.

Our approach in steps

Feasibility Study

feasibility study on the potential use of graphene in your products and the possibility to create new advanced graphene-based products for your industry


testing specific functionalized GUP® or intermediary products for your product/application

Scale Up

scale up of the production process

Verified few-layer graphene

Discover GUP®

GrapheneUP® built the first industrial production of few layer graphene with the largest capacity in Europe