Sustainability at GrapheneUP

Sustainability is a core element of our mission, and an integral part of our strategy. Our motivation is to grow with products and technologies that benefit society and reduce our impact on nature. What drives us are the ambitious sustainability goals that we want to reach.

Adding graphene into products enhance many of their properties: less raw material will be needed to create more performant products with enormous benefits in terms of carbon emission reduction.

Our focus on helping our customers meet these demands, and to meet them ourselves, is based on our view that prosperity and sustainability go hand in hand.

The value we deliver through customer-driven innovation increasingly is based on how we help our customers meet their sustainability goals. GUP® Products improve the efficiency of our customers’ processes, reduce energy and water use, cut harmful emissions, conserve material inputs, and reduce waste. Our technologies enable our customers to make products that meet the toughest environmental standards or to reformulate products to address rising consumer and regulatory expectations for sustainability, human health, and safety.

Product Quality and Safety

We have developed and maintain internal standards to minimize the health, safety, environmental, and social impacts of our products and their packaging throughout all lifecycle stages, while also maximizing economic benefits.

Safety improves quality and productivity. When operations are unsafe, they aren’t well-managed. Employees will not be motivated nor mindful, and employee churn will be far greater. Quality and productivity both suffer when employees are under stress, unsatisfied, or unable to complete their mission. But when businesses are safe, it frees up employees to focus on their quality and their productivity. The safer the organization is, the less frequently the organization will experience large scale disruption.

Quality improves safety and productivity. Safety is a measure of conscientiousness and proactiveness. High quality work means better results and better products. The higher quality the work, the fewer re-works are needed, and the greater overall productivity is. When quality is high for a business, it can be assumed that standards for the business are generally high, including safety equipment, safety software, and safety processes.

People, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are committed to supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. This commitment is embraced by our directors and applies to all customers, employees and other stakeholders, such as contractors, volunteers and partners.

We believe that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity and we are committed to building an environment where our employees, customers, contractors and visitors are treated in this way.

We want to create a working environment which is characterised by respect and dignity and free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying. Our equal employment opportunity and diversity policy fosters inclusion by providing an environment where everyone can be themselves and feel valued, involved and respected for their perspectives and contribution.

We want to provide equality of opportunity to everyone we work or have contact with. We will make it as easy as possible for people to access our services, find out the right information or get involved. We aim to: prevent discrimination, eliminate prejudice, promote inclusion and celebrate diversity, be fair in our dealings with all people understand and appreciate the diverse nature of different cultural backgrounds ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded in everything we do.

It’s about positively striving to meet the needs of different people and taking deliberate action to create environments where everyone feels respected and able to achieve their full potential.

Environment, Health, and Safety Management

We operate our business with three clear objectives: no one hurt, nothing out of place, and no harm from our products. These Environment, Health, and Safety goals, while ambitious, inform the key performance indicators by which we measure our progress toward operating excellence and effectively managing health, safety, and environmental risks.

Stakeholder Engagement

As a global chemical company, we recognize that our reach extends well beyond the customers we serve in our business. We acknowledge our responsibility in earning the trust of millions of people around the world who are touched by our presence or our products.

Our stakeholders include our workforce, customers, investors and analysts, local communities, suppliers, key non-government organizations and others. Our success is often inseparable from theirs and we strive to understand their interests, communicate clearly, be responsive and create shared value with them. And it is not just what our technology can do that matters to our stakeholders, but also how we responsibly develop it.