Thermoplastic Compounding

GrapheneUP® is working to develop new recycled polymer products that overcome compatibility issues in recycled plastics for automotive and other industries

Functional fillers have been used by the plastics industry since its inception and are used to enhance the intrinsic properties of plastics and to impart entirely new effects, graphene is the most recent filler proposed into the market.

One of the big factors influencing the use of graphene as a filler for thermoplastic materials today is the move in the plastics industry towards more sustainable products. With society becoming more demanding of sustainable solutions and the emergence of new regulations, the entire plastics value chain has had to adapt. The automotive market is one where functional fillers are playing an increasingly important role.

Aware of the importance of reducing vehicle weight to limit fuel consumption, car manufacturers are constantly looking for new production methods. In order to address increasing demand for recycled polymers, and in the face of increasingly stringent regulations and brand initiatives, novel filler materials are required.

Examples of Applications

UHMWPE body armors

Packaging with excellent oxygen /gas barrier properties

Graphene base yarns

Enhanced thermoplastic materials used for heat dissipation

To control the conductive, dissipative and anti static properties of materials for electronic circuits

New generation of high performing fire retardant plastics in mass transport, construction and oil & gas

Recycling of automotive components made with thermoplastic materials


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

high thermal dispersion

antibacterial properties

impact strength

excellent anti-corrosion performance

oxygen/gas barrier


antistatic (reduce the risks in explosive working environments)

EMI shielding

UV protection

Our Products

Our Products
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