Polyuretane Foam

GUP®-based new reinforced polyurethane materials can be used for several specific applications as elastic shoe inserts or in car seats application, among others

Because of the wide range of properties, polyurethanes are one of the most versatile and used polymeric materials. Their mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties can be tailored by the application of a wide range of polyols, isocyanates and nanofillers. Adding to the polyurethane matrix flakes of graphene contributes to the creation of new materials for a wider spectrum of industrial applications. Increased interaction between the reinforcing factor and polymeric matrix result may exhibit advantageous features of the material. Composites obtained from graphene and polyurethane may exhibit significant improvements in e.g., improving mechanical and thermal properties and conductivity.

Examples of Applications

Polyurethane foam with enhanced thermal properties

Automobile seats with high thermal dispersion

Polyurethane foam with enhanced thermal and acoustic wall insulation

Surfboards with improved mechanical properties

Enhanced polyurethane foam, improving compression strength, reducing noise and vibration and excellent heat diffusion

High performance polyurethane sealants for firestopping

Polyurethane wheels in inline skate with high abrasion resistance

Polyurethane adhesives with high thermal conductivity


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

high thermal dispersion

antibacterial properties

wear resistance and durability

flame retardant properties

reduce the risks in explosive working environments

EMI shielding

UV protection

NVH improved

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