Elastometers & Rubber Compounding

The incorporation of graphene GUP® in elastomeric matrixes has been shown to lead to a significant enhancement in the mechanical, thermal and barrier properties.

Elastomers are excellent and relatively cheap materials for various applications in many sectors including automotive, industrial, packaging, healthcare, and many others.

Graphene can be used in both conventional and advanced applications ranging from tyres, automotive components, seals of all kinds, hydraulic hoses, footwear and water-proof clothing to tribological, biomedical, aerospace, sensing devices and nanoelectronics.

Examples of Applications

Tyres with better grip to asphalt, improved tear strength performance, heat diffusion and enhanced performance and durability

Light EMI shielding silicone

Graphene based elastomers with high thermal stability and thermal conductivity

Elastomers with EMI shielding properties

Silicone gaskets with high thermal conductivity and chemical resistance

Graphene elastomer strain sensors

Electrical conductive rubber based nanocomposites

Elastomers with oxygen/gas barrier properties


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

thermal dispersion

oxygen/gas barrier

excellent chemical resistance

antistatic properties

tensile strength and tear strength


tribological properties (wear and abrasion resistance)

resistance to ageing

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