Air & Gas Filtration

Graphene based products developed by GrapheneUP® have been successfully applied in real scale treatment plants for the removal of sulphur compounds, odours and several recalcitrant contaminants.

Nanotechnology has been used in automotive exhaust catalytic converters for 35 years. Furthermore, nanotechnology products are applied in filters and in photocatalysis for air purification, in the automobile industry filter media lined with nanofibres are frequently used in filters for passenger cabin air.

With the worldwide attention to the prevention and spread of COVID-19, GrapheneUP® is developing new types of self-disinfecting and purifying air filters.

Examples of Applications

Air purifiers for indoor, outdoor and hospitals

HEPA filters with improved efficiency

Automotive cabin air filters

Cigarette filters

Syngas and biogas purification

Industrial gas filtration

Filters for the removal of radionuclides

Graphene based sensors for the detection and monitoring of contaminants in gas phase


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

best material for odor removal available in the market

excellent material for face-masks and respirators

excellent material for indoor air purification

99.9 removal rate of sulphur compounds (siloxanes, SOx, mercaptanes, H2S, …)

volatile radionuclides removal

high rate removal of viruses and bacteria

99 % removal of Dioxins and Furans

99.5 % removal of any kind of solvents, hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds

Our Products

Our Products
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