Graphene-based composite powder for water treatment

Product Description

GRAFIM® is a graphene-based product developed by GrapheneUP® for groundwater, municipal and drinking water treatment. The first graphene-based media introduced into the market for real scale applications. GRAFIM® is a micro-mesoporous filter media, composed by functionalized graphene nanosheets and graphene-like regions, defects and holes from missing carbons, inside pores of activated carbon.

This unique framework and particular pore size distribution provide the material unprecedented properties and performances in terms of contaminants removal.

Product Data

The values and images shown in this data sheet are from a typical sample of GRAFIM®. They should be used as a basis and not as an absolute value. There may be slight deviations from batch to batch.

Key Features and Benefits 

99,9% of removal of PFAS, PFOS and many other emerging contaminants
can strongly bind contaminants, which have a weak or negligible affinity with traditional sorbents
99,9% removal of MTBE, As, heavy metals, Cr(VI)
very high removal efficiency for a wide range of contaminants

removes viruses & bacteria, does not support bacterial growth

efficiency is not affected by the initial concentration of contaminants
removal in one step
high removal efficiencies at very low concentration ranges

Mechanism of Contaminants Removal with GRAFIM®

GRAFIM® removes the contaminant by a synergistic effect of two phenomena: sorption (absorption, adsorption, physisorption and chemisorption) + membrane separation. A prominent side-pinning effect is identified for water flow within the pristine graphene gallery sandwiched between oxidized regions in GRAFIM® sheets, where flow enhancement is reduced by hydrogen bonds (H- bonds) between water molecules in the pristine and oxidized regions.

Contaminants Removed with GRAFIM®

GRAFIM® con be used as polishing media for the removal of a wide range of contaminants.
The list reported in this table has not to be considered complete. Contact us if you want to verify the efficiency of GRAFIM® for contaminants of concern not reported here.

SEM Images

Main Applications

Tap Water Treatment

Pfoa , Pfos & Pfas Treatment

Virus & Bacteria Removal

Contaminants of Emerging Concerns

Food Industry

Groundwater Remediation

Pharmaceutical Industry

Water with Radionuclides

Graphene-based composite powder for water treatment

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