Water Filtration

GUP® based products have several applications for water treatment, groundwater treatment and oil spill recovery

Traditionally, water contaminants are placed into two categories: those with health effects, or those with aesthetic effects. In recent years, a third category of water contaminants was created for compounds whose impacts aren’t well understood, they are named contaminants of emerging concern. These include many kinds of chemicals, including medicines, personal care or household cleaning products, lawn care and agricultural products, among others. Conventional water treatment methods are in most of cases not effective for removing emerging contaminants.

Examples of Applications

Tap water treatment without reducing the minerals content

Groundwater remediation (i.e. pump and treat, permeable reactive barriers)

New generation of nanofiltration membranes

Improving RO & UF by the minimization of fouling and biofouling

High efficiency removal of contaminants of emerging concerns

Sensors for contaminants detection

Oil spill recovery

Removal of radionuclides in water


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

99,9% of removal of PFAS, PFOS and many other emerging contaminants

99,9% removal of MTBE, As, heavy metals, Cr(VI)

removes viruses & bacteria, does not support bacterial growth

multi-contaminants removal in one step

can strongly bind contaminants, which have a weak or negligible affinity with traditional sorbents

very high removal efficiency for a wide range of contaminants

efficiency is not affected by the initial concentration of contaminants

high removal efficiencies at very low concentration ranges

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Our Products
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