Graphene-based lightweight composite materials could be key to the next generation of electric vehicles 

Graphene-based composite materials with epoxy resins allow to introduce into the market composite materials with higher performance or composite materials with a reduce weight with unchanged performance. A more light composite material leads to reduced fuel consumption, less emission with a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.

Examples of Applications

Blast resistant helicopters, vehicles and ships

More stiffer and lighter helmets for skiers, cyclists and motorcyclists

Lighter and more resistant tennis and badminton rackets with reduced burden on players

Golf clubs far lighter and with higher swing speed

Wind turbine blades with improved efficiency

Protection barriers with high impact resistance
Lighter, faster and more responsive ski
Lighter components for aerospace and aircraft industries
Light weight, high rigidity and high sensitive fishing rods
Canoes with higher speed and reduced weight


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

>50% modulus
>20% compressive and
tensile strength
> 40% toughnesst

improves stiffness

decreases the % of elongation

improves impact resistance

reduces shrinkage

flame retardant properties

thermal dispersion & heat dissipation, avoid hot spots during curing process

fast cure cycles, reduced processing time, further increasing commandable premiums

weight reduction of composite materials (less fiber layers)

~40% improvement in the fatigue performance

maintains or even increase the Tg

lightning strike protection

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