Graphene-based screen printing ink

Product Description

ADDIGUP® S is an additive based on GUP® few-layers graphene specifically designed to provide superior physical properties to solvent borne paints and coatings while retaining mechanical properties, minimally impacting the rheological properties of the host material and without a significant increase in viscosity.

Graphene has very great potential to respond to many issues related to thermal risks.

Thermal stress is among the most common physical hazards in various work sectors.
Indeed, the exposure to extreme temperatures can lead the worker to a state of heat stress, which occurs when the body is unable to maintain its temperature between 36 and 37 C . Heat syncope, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration, heat cramps, miliary eruptions, hyponatremia, and rhabdomyolysis are among the diseases or health disorders due to heat exposure. Hypothermia, immersion feet, and frostbite are the most significant injuries and illnesses caused by exposure to extreme cold.
Therefore, the prevention of thermal stress risks should be a priority in order to avoid any negative effects on workers’ health and safety. Adequate prevention of heat stress risks not only provides a sense of comfort for the worker toward his work environment, but it can also
have a positive impact on the productivity rate and result in a decrease in the employer’s number of injuries.
The materials used in the design of several types of PPE tend to avoid the adequate dissipation of body heat. It is essential to develop new tools and equipment to ensure thermal risk management adapted to the individual situation of the worker and his or her work environment. In such a context, graphene based smart textile technologies integrated into personal protective equipment have a very great potential to respond to many issues related to thermal risks.

A graphene coating that offers superior thermoregulation of your
body for maximum performance

People who lead active lives will soon work up and swear. We developed a shirt with functional zones coated with graphene formulation that provide an efficient thermal regulation. A smart t shirt that is the ideal link between sport and everyday life.
Excess temperature of the body is lost mainly via radiation, that is absorbed by the graphene coating and dissipated, both in hot and cold conditions. The graphene coating keeps the basal body temperature stable, with no strong thermal fluctuations detected in the event of changes to the surrounding temperature or physical exertion.

Evolution has made a fine distinction between different areas of our body. In some places our body we sweats more, and in other places less. The graphene coating PRINTGUP® is placed in areas where we sweat more and ensures that heat, sweat and moisture is transported to the outer layers so that it can evaporate more quickly with high heat dissipation. Evaporation and insulation zones are tailored to the body’s requirements. The coating creates a body mapping system which maintains a “feel good” temperature, ensuring a comfortable and dry feeling during sports and everyday life. PRINTGUP® has an extremely stable shape with exceptionally high moisture transport properties and excellent drying action. The formation of moisture on the skin is minimised and the growth of bacteria is significantly reduced. In this way, the build up of odours is effectively counteracted.

Graphene coating allows the rapid heat dispersion, wicking away of sweat and effective air circulation and there is no sensation of wetness.

Smart T Shirt l The graphene coating on areas that sweat more and where there is an higher temperature of the body

A graphene coating has to be applied in the outer layer and not in in the inner side as often wrongly reported

The coating with graphene coating formulation it is applied on the outside layer of the textile and not inside as often reported by other
competitors. The reason, verified also by technical test, is due to the fact that in this way the high absorption rate of far infrared ray by
graphene allows to extract the heat from the body. If the coating with graphene would be applied inside there would be not real heat
extraction and dissipation because the coating would only keep the heat inside the body. We do not want to distribute the heat from the
body, we want to extract and reduce the sweat rate!

Key Features and Benefits 

heat dissipation

moisture wicking

electrical conductivity

odor neutralizing

UV protection

abrasion resistance 
& durability

thermal regulation

antibacterial & antiviral

Main Applications







ADDIGUP® S is added to the host material to be processed. The product should be stirred well before use. The recommended loading range of ADDIGUP® S is in the range 5-10 wt% calculated on the weight of the host material. The optimum dosage level should be determined with specific test based on the required performance, host matrix characteristics, processing conditions and presence of other fillers.
GUP® – based additive for solvent-borne paints and coatings.

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GUP® Products is a line of GUP®-based products and GUP® intermediary products, dispersions and additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed few-layer graphene GUP®. They are industry-friendly and adapted to the standard manufacturing processes, suitable for several demanding applications.



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