Wherever they are used, graphene-based smart textiles provide added value in terms of improved performance or comfort.

Graphene GUP® is a natural conductive material and the network of fewlayers graphene causes electrical charges to be dispersed preventing them from accumulating on the surface.
With the occurrence of smart textiles and smart clothing that collects information through built-in sensors, a new era in the production of textiles and clothing is in the making.
With the elongation of the electrically conductive fabric, the values of electrical resistance decrease with the increase in the yarn count value of the electrically conductive yarn.
Graphene-based conductive yarns are durable and soft and can be discretely integrated into a variety of materials. Their high conductivity enables reliable and efficient transfer of data and energy. Outstanding flexibility leads to comfortable textiles that can be washed numerous times without losing their specific characteristics.

Examples of Applications

Smart Textiles

Textiles with antibacterial and antiviral properties and UVA protection

Fabrics for firefighting

EMI shielding textiles

Home textiles

Protective wear and industrial textiles for workers’ uniforms

High performance cooling/heating jackets

Wearable sensors


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

flame retardant properties

antistatic (reduce the risks in explosive working environments)

EMI shielding

UV protection

high thermal dispersion, dissipate heat from the body leading to improved comfort and regulation of temperature

antibacterial properties

wear resistance and durability

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Our Products
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