GUP® – based additive for solvent borne paints and coatings

Product Description

ADDIGUP® S is an additive based on GUP® few-layers graphene specifically designed to provide superior physical properties to solvent borne paints and coatings while retaining mechanical properties, minimally impacting the rheological properties of the host material and without a significant increase in viscosity.

Product Data

The values shown above are from a typical sample of ADDIGUP® S. They should be used as a basis and not as an absolute value. There may be slight deviations from batch to batch.

Key Features and Benefits 

thermal dispersion and heat dissipation
EMI shielding
contain verified few-layers graphene GUP®
life extension to coatings
exceptional anti-corrosion performance
gloss and colour strength
of the coating
can be employed over a wide range of paints and coatings
maintenance cost reduction
antistatic and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
oxygen/gas barrier
ease of formulation without a significant increase in viscosity of the host material
fire retardancy
maintains or even increases mechanical strength
GUP® – based additive for solvent-borne paints and coatings.

GUP® Product Categories

GUP® Products is a line of GUP®-based products and GUP® intermediary products, dispersions and additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed few-layer graphene GUP®. They are industry-friendly and adapted to the standard manufacturing processes, suitable for several demanding applications.



Cementitious Materials



Oil Spills Recovery

Paints & Coatings

Textiles Formulations

Thermoset Materials

Water Filtration