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Growth and improved living standards require solutions for textiles with new functions to meet changing needs.

when applied as a coating or integrated into yarns, graphene is thermally efficient, reducing body temperature of more than 4 °C, achieving a high range of UV protection, and preventing harmful dermatological diseases.

Graphene can be used also to enhance performance of other textiles, such as household curtains or outdoor tents and shelters, to insulate homes and reduce UV exposure when outdoors, to create antistatic carpets and for smart textiles

Examples of Applications

Blast resistant helicopters, vehicles and ships

More stiffer and lighter helmets for skiers, cyclists and motorcyclists

Lighter and more resistant tennis and badminton rackets with reduced burden on players

Golf clubs far lighter and with higher swing speed

Wind turbine blades with improved efficiency

Protection barriers with high impact resistance
Lighter, faster and more responsive ski
Lighter components for aerospace and aircraft industries
Light weight, high rigidity and high sensitive fishing rods
Canoes with higher speed and reduced weight


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

high sorption of any kind of nonpolar compounds

superhydrophobic material, does not absorb water

easy to regenerate with simple compression process extracting all the chemicals sorbed. Can be regenerated more than 20 times

cost effective

possible to use into standard booms, pillows and other devices

stable to high temperatures

antistatic material, can be used in ATEX areas

environmental friendly

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