Maximize energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact with GUP®-enhanced lubricants

Incorporating GUP® into lubricants offers remarkable advancements, particularly in energy efficiency and sustainability. Graphene, due to its unique structure and inherent properties, promotes substantial reduction in friction. This translates to superior performance of machinery, boosting their overall operational efficiency. This superior lubrication capacity leads to reduced energy consumption, substantially enhancing energy efficiency, a key aspect for businesses aiming to cut operational costs.

Moreover, GUP®‘s robust and durable nature ensures extended lubricant lifespan, providing a sustainable solution for industries. It can withstand extreme conditions without degradation, curbing frequent replacements and hence, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, the versatility of GUP® enables its compatibility with various lubricant compositions, making it an optimal choice for diverse industrial applications. This adaptability also aids in reducing production waste, underlining its sustainability potential.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency, GUP®-based lubricants are not just an innovation, but a necessity, providing a game-changing solution for businesses aiming for responsible growth.

Main Advantages of Graphene GUP® for Lubricants

Reduced Friction

GUP®  with a smooth surface serves as an effective nano-additive in lubricants, substantially reducing friction between mechanical parts

Corrosion Prevention

GUP® forms a protective layer on metal surfaces, offering anti-corrosive properties

Better Performance in Extreme Conditions

GUP® retains its excellent lubricating properties under harsh conditions like extreme pressures, enhancing the reliability of machinery operating in such environments



Thermal Stability

exhibits a high tolerance for temperature variations, maintaining effectiveness even under severe thermal conditions and reducing the risk of overheating and thermal degradation


provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lubricant additives. By reducing energy consumption and prolonging the life of mechanical systems, GUP® contributse to sustainability efforts



it can be used in all lubricant types, from oils to greases. It is proved to be equally well for the dry as well as a humid environment which is not in case of other commonly used solid lubricants.


Enhanced Tear and Wear Resistance

the exceptional strength of graphene can drastically reduce wear and tear resistance, thereby prolonging the lifespan of machinery and reducing maintenance costs

Oxidative Stability

enhances the oxidative stability of lubricants, thus improving their shelf-life

Environmental Friendly

most of the additives used in lubricants are inherently toxic and of non biodegradable nature. GUP® is a green lubricant as it contains carbon and oxygen instead of heavy metal elements


High Load Bearing Capacity

GUP® ‘s intrinsic strength translates to a high load bearing capacity when used as a lubricant additive, enabling machinery to handle heavier loads without significant wear and tear

Energy Efficiency

by reducing friction and wear, GUP® significantly enhances the energy efficiency of mechanical systems

Reduced OPEX

improved performance will reduce OPEX costs and extend equipment life


Main Applications

Engine Oils

Transmission Fluids

Gear Oils


Turbine Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Compressor Oils

Lubricating Greases

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