Graphene will be a real revolution in the cosmetic world and will be profitably used for eyes area makeup, hair products, foundations, lipsticks and antiaging.

The cosmetics industry has boomed in recent years as one of the markets that holds enormous growth potential. Among several industrial sectors, the cosmetics industry has considered nanotechnology-based principles and implemented in product management practices.

Graphene has many properties and characteristics that can improve cosmetic products with enhanced properties, has physical and chemical characteristics and biological activities that differ from bulk equivalents. Some of the advantages that may be achieved by incorporating graphene in cosmetics are enhanced performance, unique texture, protection of active substances, efficient drug delivery and higher consumer acquiescence.

Examples of Applications

Face masks with higher absorption of ingredients thanks to the high thermal conductivity of graphene

Creams for skin protection and anti age

Higher performance to existing permanent hair dyes, preventing also static hairs and UV damage

Whitening toothpaste

Packaging of cosmetic products

Thermal dispersants solution for hair treatment

Antibacterial/antiviral soaps


Properties Improved & Advantages with GUP®

high thermal dispersion

antibacterial properties

UV protection

targeted-oriented drug delivery

excellent colorant

elevated loading efficiency and slow release of the drug

superior cleaning and whitening effect

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