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Dispersion of few-layer graphene GUP® in glycerol

Product Description

GUP® DP Glycerol is a dispersion of graphene GUP® into glycerol designed to provide a solution to use pre-dispersed graphene for several applications as well as a variety of industrial and scientific uses. Can be used in medical, pharmaceutical and personal care preparations mainly as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication, and as a humectant. Other applications are in skin care products, shaving cream, hair-care products, glycerin soaps and water-based personal lubricants. Can be used in surface science to reduce the coefficient of friction of polymer-coated surfaces by several orders of magnitude.

It is alcohol-free alternative of graphene-based solvent for several applications. 

Product Data

The values shown above are from a typical sample of GUP® DP Glycerol. They should be used as a basis and not as an absolute value. There may be slight deviations from batch to batch.

Key Features and Benefits 

eco-friendly graphene dispersion

UV-protection properties

alcohol-free alternative of graphene-based solvent for several applications

high thermal dissipation

can be employed over a wide range of materials and applications

anti-freezing properties

ease of formulation

antibacterial properties

contains verified few-layer graphene GUP®

Dispersion of few-layer graphene GUP® in glycerol

GUP® Product Categories

GUP® Products is a line of GUP®-based products and GUP® intermediary products, dispersions and additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed few-layer graphene GUP®. They are industry-friendly and adapted to the standard manufacturing processes, suitable for several demanding applications.



Cementitious Materials



Oil Spills Recovery

Paints & Coatings

Textiles Formulations

Thermoset Materials

Water Filtration