Product Description

GUP® ADMITURE is a water-based dispersion of graphene GUP® specifically designed to enhance the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of cementitious materials. It is suitable for cement, mortars, repair compounds, autoclaved aerated concrete, recycled concrete aggregate, 3D printable mortars, chalk and other cementitious materials with easy integration and flexibility in design of multifunctional materials. 

Key Features and Benefits 

enhanced resistance to aggressive elements (CO2, SO42-, Cl, …)
35-50 % improvement in flexural and compressive strength
EMI shielding
reduced water permeability up to 300%
30-40 % enhancement in fracture strength
faster cure rate
increased freeze-thaw resistance
40-50 % improvement in Young’s modulus
easy to use in water dispersion
reduced thermal cracking, microcraking and fractures
high thermal conductivity
reduction in carbon footprint

Environmental Benefits of GUP® ADMIXTURE

> 30%

the reduction of cement to use when 0.025 wt % of GUP® is added in your formulation

> 3%

the reduction in global CO2 emissions using GUP® ADMIXTURE

< soil erosion

concrete is used to create hard surfaces that contribute to surface runoff, which can cause heavy soil erosion, water pollution, and flooding

> waste

the increased durability of concrete extends the lifetime of the constructions and reduces the waste and dust produced by demolition

> recycling

adding GUP® ADMIXTURE the recycled concrete  can perform well mechanically       and have high durability

< urban heat

using less concrete contributes to reduce the urban heat island effect

GUP® ADMIXTURE for More Durable Concrete

GUP® ADMIXTURE was introduced directly in the water used for preparing the concrete without the need of any additional processing steps.
As reported in the graphs, the addition of 1.2 wt % of GUP® ADMIXTURE, corresponding to 0.025 wt % of GUP® , increases the compressive strength of more than 41% and the flexural strength around 40% in comparison to the reference mix without graphene, with a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Main Applications

Enhanced Constructions

Heated Floors

Smart Cement

Protection Barriers

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

3D Printable Mortars

Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Power Lines

Concrete Railway Sleepers

Concrete Pavements


GUP® ADMIXTURE is added to the water used in the process. The optimum dosage level should be determined with specific test based on the required performance, host matrix characteristics, processing conditions and presence of other fillers. In general terms, to improve the mechanical properties, we suggest to add to the water a quantity of GUP® ADMIXTURE in the range of 15 – 35 g for each Kg of cement.

GUP®– based admixture for cementitious materials

GUP® Product Categories

GUP® Products is a line of GUP®-based products and GUP® intermediary products, dispersions and additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed few-layer graphene GUP®. They are industry-friendly and adapted to the standard manufacturing processes, suitable for several demanding applications.







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