GUP® & GUP® Dispersions

Great efforts have been made in processing of graphene/polymer composites. The van der Waals forces are the main problem of graphene dispersion and, consequently, the ππ inter-planar stacking. Most of the processing techniques are based on graphene solutions or dispersions, either in water or organic solvent. The dispersion of graphene to produce graphene-based composite materials is a critical point and our in-house expertise is related to the dispersion know-how of GUP® to achieve the best results.

The choice of the right mixing process is connected to the functionalization of GUP® and the type of compounds where it has to be introduced.
We propose two main dispersions of GUP®: dispersion in a solution of water and ethanol (two different grades) and a dispersion in glycerol with concentration of 15 wt%.
We can disperse our graphene GUP® with customized functionalization into specific polar and nonpolar compounds on specific request.