GrapheneUP is awarded a renewed ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

GrapheneUP SE had its ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates renewed by SGS through to 2024.
This certification is a tremendous achievement and is proof from an external body of the business’s ongoing commitment to quality. The ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications open up many doors, and are key to our participation in a large number of tenders, including international opportunities in several market applications of graphene, giving us a competitive advantage.
The renewal of the certifications involved a rigorous and meticulous two-part audit by SGS. These certifications are critical to GrapheneUP, as they prove that we have a strong quality management system in place, its sustainable production activity and that all employees involved in the manufacturing of our products have a clear understanding of that system and how to implement it. To receive this certifications means that a third party has thoroughly examined our processes, and has confirmed that we are working according to the highest, internationally recognised standards. The inspectors are very rigorous, and we have to prove each and every system that has been documented, is being implemented in practical terms.

GrapheneUP is currently engaged in a number of graphene-based projects for clients in the energy, industrial and commercial sectors. A Quality Management System, an Environmental Management System and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System have multiple benefits to the business. Primarily, it is about improving performance input and output from the factory, and operating to save costs by increasing efficiency at all times. With the whole team synergistically working towards this common goal, it also becomes practical and achievable.

The quality management system involves having a formal quality policy, with documented processes and procedures that each and every person involved in the manufacturing process is able to follow. It is also important to note that this is actually an ongoing procedure. GrapheneUP also conducted many internal audits prior to the SGS audit, to ensure that all systems were being properly implemented.

This is a great achievement by the team.

About GrapheneUP®
GrapheneUP® is a leading graphene company with the largest production of few-layer graphene in Europe with an innovative proprietary method.
Graphene itself is often unsuitable as drop-in solution to create final commercial products. To accelerate the process of integration of graphene into final products, GraphenUP® developed a line of intermediary products under the GUP® Products brand name. GUP® Products goes and enables customers to proceed in a more affordable way to create their own graphene-based products for
the markets, incorporating graphene GUP® into existing products to enhance their performance or with the purpose to create new innovative commercial products with graphene.

Forward-Looking Statement
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