GrapheneUP® attended the congress SIDISA 2021 (Turin, Italy)

GrapheneUP® attended the XI International Symposium on Environmental Engineering hold in the city of Turin from 29 June to 2 July 2021.
The Symposium leading theme has been the enhancement of the environmental sustainability of anthropic activities in all fields: water, soil and atmosphere. This was also the main research activity of Prof. Giuseppe Genon to whom the Symposium is dedicated. Particularly, his strong passion for the environment protection has brought to the birth of the Politecnico di Torino Environmental Engineering Group that, together with the other national and international groups, is fighting against the time for the environment preservation. The Symposium achieved a significant step in this direction with the contribution of all participants and a particular attention to the innovation and application of advanced technologies. Prizes have been granted to authors in order to celebrate the Prof. Genon commitment towards environmental education of young people.
Our CEO Ivano Aglietto introduced during the Symposium our product GRAFIM® with an oral presentation titled “GRAFIM® – a Graphene Based Material for the Efficient Removal of Emerging Contaminants in Water
Engineered substance or microorganism that are not ordinarily regulated or monitored in the environment are known as contaminants of emerging concern or simply emerging contaminants. They are micropollutants found in wastewater, such as antibiotics, brominated flame retardants (BFRs), compounds formed during food processing, mycotoxins, perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), pesticides, phycotoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and veterinary drugs widely applied to prevent or treat human and animal diseases, and steroid hormones used for animal fattening, with over 200 individual compounds identified, to date. Released in the environment, the emerging contaminants pose risk to ecological and human well-being. The uptake and bioaccumulation of emerging contaminants in plants and fodders and their subsequent entry in the human food chain have been gaining attention over the last decade.
Current water and wastewater treatment technologies are ineffective at removing emerging contaminants and there is a vital need for new, efficient and cost-effective treatment systems that can be applied to a range of scales and wastewater types. GRAFIM® is a new graphene-based compound developed for water and wastewater treatment. GRAFIM® has been successfully used in several case studies for the removal of emerging contaminants in different matrix.
GrapheneUP sponsored SIDISA 2021.

About GrapheneUP®
GrapheneUP® is a leading graphene company with the largest production of few-layer graphene in Europe with an innovative proprietary method.
Graphene itself is often unsuitable as drop-in solution to create final commercial products. To accelerate the process of integration of graphene into final products, GraphenUP® developed a line of intermediary products under the GUP® Products brand name. GUP® Products goes and enables customers to proceed in a more affordable way to create their own graphene-based products for
the markets, incorporating graphene GUP® into existing products to enhance their performance or with the purpose to create new innovative commercial products with graphene.

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