GUP® – based additive for solvent borne paints and coatings

Product Description

ADDIGUP® S is an additive based on GUP® few-layers graphene specifically designed to provide superior physical properties to solvent borne paints and coatings while retaining mechanical properties, minimally impacting the rheological properties of the host material and without a significant increase in viscosity.

Product Data

The values shown above are from a typical sample of ADDIGUP® S. They should be used as a basis and not as an absolute value. There may be slight deviations from batch to batch.

Key Features and Benefits 

thermal dispersion and heat dissipation
EMI shielding
contain verified few-layers graphene GUP®
life extension to coatings
exceptional anti-corrosion performance
gloss and colour strength
of the coating
can be employed over a wide range of paints and coatings
maintenance cost reduction
antistatic and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
oxygen/gas barrier
ease of formulation without a significant increase in viscosity of the host material
fire retardancy
maintains or even increases mechanical strength

Main Applications

Marine & Protective


Automotive, Rail & Transportation

Industrial Metal & Wood

Industrial Maintenance

Specialty Coatings

Oil & Gas Tanks and Pipelines


ADDIGUP® S is added to the host material to be processed. The product should be stirred well before use. The recommended loading range of ADDIGUP® S is in the range 5-10 wt% calculated on the weight of the host material. The optimum dosage level should be determined with specific test based on the required performance, host matrix characteristics, processing conditions and presence of other fillers.
GUP® – based additive for solvent-borne paints and coatings.

GUP® Product Categories

GUP® Products is a line of GUP®-based products and GUP® intermediary products, dispersions and additives based on polymer carriers and pre-dispersed few-layer graphene GUP®. They are industry-friendly and adapted to the standard manufacturing processes, suitable for several demanding applications.

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